Wimberley Senior Ambassador!

Here is one of my favorite images! Very vogue as she sits on the railroad track in downtown kyle!

2009 Senior Ambassador

2009 Senior Ambassador

1st Senior Ambassador Session

I just photographed my Wimberley Senior Ambassador Tuesday. She did a fabulous job and is incredibly photogenic! What a beautiful young lady she is! We photographed in the Old Town Kyle area. The wind was a little high but it didn’t stop us from getting some great images. I am still trying to decide which ones are my favorites but will post a teaser soon!

Mobile Users!

New at Shelley Shroyer Photography!

As you may have noticed, we now have a “mobile users” option at the bottom of the Splash Page. This will allow those blackberry users to view the site in html format. For all others, simply check “Enter Site” to view the fancy flash site with music!